FCC Compliance Testing


We help ISPs meet network testing obligations and comply with reporting requirements using Stamper IoT®


Discover the Trusted Solution for Regulatory Speed and Latency Testing

Stamper IoT Boxes are relied upon by ISPs nationwide for assessing network speed performance accommodating programs such as RDOF, BEAD, and Broadband Label Testing. Our platform offers a straightforward and fully managed solution that simplifies the testing process by managing test schedules, monitoring networks, and generating pre-formatted results for regulatory submissions. If you seek a hassle-free, vendor agnostic solution without the need for hardware upgrades, your search ends here.



Real-Time Dashboard

Stay on top of testing with a real-time dashboard that provides up-to-the-minute results.



Quarterly Usage Analytics

Get detailed insights with quarterly analytics that help you spot trends and identify areas for improvement.



Fully Managed

Leave your testing to the experts with a fully managed service that is handled by ATS specialists.



Automated Scheduling

Never miss a deadline with automated, scheduled tests to ensure consistent success.



Crosstalk Mitigation

Stampers make multiple attempts to conduct tests and mitigate crosstalk to achieve the best results.



Optimal Routing

Our CDN-powered tests use the most optimal route available to ensure the best possible results.

Enhance Performance with Our National Test Network

Since 2020, we’ve deployed thousands of Stamper IoT devices across North America, featuring servers near FCC-designated IXP locations. We collaborate with ISPs to pinpoint areas for improvement and develop effective solutions, ensuring optimal network performance.

Our goal is to simplify compliance, allowing you to prioritize delivering high-quality broadband services to your customers.


Gain Complete Visibility Down to the Individual Test

Visualize Your Data

Track and analyze your speed and latency metrics effortlessly with our managed dashboard.

Real-Time Tracking

Monitor ongoing tests from 6pm-12pm in your local time zone. View individual results and upcoming tests.

Results Done Easy

Download pre-formatted results directly from our user-friendly dashboard at the end of your testing week.


Broadband Nutrition Labels & BEAD Support

Our expertise includes testing Stamper IoT devices with our innovative methodology to ensure compliance with new nutrition labeling regulations. This comprehensive, third-party backed testing solution provides you with the peace of mind of knowing you meet all compliance demands.

Moreover, our solution offers further opportunities beyond Performance Testing for both pre and post-grant awards. To discover more, click on the link provided below.

CAF Performance Measures Testing Webinar – 1/19/2022

Common Questions

What Speeds Can You Test?

We can test a range of speeds from 4/1mbps to 1 gig speeds. Contact us to test speeds higher than 1 gig.

Is There Product Support?

Our team is very communicative throughout the testing process. 

How Much Does It Cost?

Prices are based on your chosen speed tier. Bulk discounts available.

Ready to Get Started? Let’s Talk

We partner with all service providers, regardless of size, to deploy our performance testing solutions and bridge the digital divide.

Join us in closing the digital gap! Learn more about our partnership approach and how our performance testing solutions can help.

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