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Simplifying Compliance For Grant Recipients

ATS’ Stamper Boxes have gained widespread adoption among carriers throughout the United States as a means of establishing a testing environment for evaluating network speed performance. Take advantage of the latest technology with IoT-enabled testing that delivers accurate and real-time results. Our team of seasoned professionals strives to streamline the testing process for service providers, leveraging a platform that facilitates scheduling and monitoring of tests, along with pre-formatting results to be submitted to the USAC. With millions of tests successfully conducted, Stamper Boxes have demonstrated their trustworthiness and adherence to FCC regulations.

Notable features of our solution include:



Real-Time Dashboard

Stay on top of testing with a real-time dashboard that provides up-to-the-minute results.



Quarterly Usage Analytics

Get detailed insights with quarterly analytics that help you spot trends and identify areas for improvement.



Fully Managed

Leave your testing to the experts with a fully managed service that is handled by ATS specialists.



Automated Scheduling

Never miss a deadline with automated, scheduled tests to ensure consistent success.



Crosstalk Mitigation

Stampers make multiple attempts to conduct tests and mitigate crosstalk to achieve the best results.



Optimal Routing

Our CDN-powered tests use the most optimal route available to ensure the best possible results.

Our National Test Network Helps Your Performance


Since 2013, ATS has been deploying its national stamper test network, which includes test servers located near each of the FCC’s designated IXP locations. By deploying Stamper Boxes within a service area, providers can obtain essential performance data including network speed, latency, and other important metrics, allowing them to gain valuable insights into their performance. This information allows us to work with ISPs to identify areas that may require improvement and develop solutions to enhance their network’s performance and pass tests.

With our expertise and experience in compliance testing, we can guide you through the process and help you navigate any challenges that may arise. Our goal is to make compliance as easy and seamless as possible, enabling you to focus on what matters most – providing high-quality broadband services to your customers.


End-To-End Managed Dashboard

Visualize Your Data

Stay on top of your testing with ease with our managed dashboard, which allows you to track tests and analyze your speed and latency metrics.

Real-Time Tracking

Monitor your ongoing tests during the hours of 6pm-12pm in your local time zone. View individual test results along with upcoming scheduled tests.

Results Done Easy

Once your week of testing is complete, download your pre-formatted results directly from our user-friendly dashboard.



With new funding opportunities fueling the expansion of broadband, we are excited about the possibilities of collaborating with new partners who share our commitment to complying with relevant regulations. As we anticipate the future, we look forward to building strong partnerships to advance the development of high-quality broadband infrastructure.

Moreover, our solution offers further opportunities beyond Performance Testing for both pre and post-grant awards. To discover more, click on the link provided below.

Common Questions

What Speeds Can You Test?

We currently test a range of speed tiers from 4/1mbps to 1 gig speeds. Contact us to test speeds higher than 1 gig.

Is There Product Support?

Should you require any assistance, our staff is very receptive and eager to provide support.

How Much Does It Cost?

We provide competitive pricing that is further discounted for bulk orders. Contact our sales rep to learn more.

CAF Performance Measures Testing Webinar – 1/19/2022

Contact Us To Get Started

For every service provider – the goal of Performance Measure Testing isn’t just about complying with FCC regulations, but to give underserved rural communities equal opportunity. We look forward to continuing to work with providers to deploy our stampers to more locations across the country. Learn how we take a partnership approach with every one of our customers – no matter their size – to maximize the effectiveness of our performance testing. Get in touch with us today.

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