ATS’ Stamper Boxes have been used by carriers across the United States to create a testing environment for network speed performance testing. Our experienced team aims to make the testing process as easy as possible for providers by using a platform to schedule and track tests, then easily export the pre-formatted results to send to the FCC. With millions of tests already done so far in 2021, Stampers have proven to be a reliable tool that conforms to FCC requirements. Some features of our solution include;

  • Real-Time Dashboard to Track Testing
  • Quarterly Usage Analytics
  • IoT Enabled
  • Fully Managed by ATS Specialists
  • Scheduled Tests

By using network tools and analytics, we make sure that your CAF-supported locations are using the optimal upstream routes to ensure you’re getting the best results.

As of July 2021, ATS has deployed hundreds of Stamper Boxes across the United States. We look forward to assisting recipients of RDOF, ReConnect, and other federal and state-level funding to meet obligations as those requirements become clearer. Contact us to find out more about how we can help.

CAF Performance Measures Testing Webinar – 1/19/2022

Performance Testing

CAF supported ISPs can choose from two options for performance testing:

Stamper Box Mini

A mini-computer with ATS’ software built to meet all your testing needs.  Connects securely to the Stamper cloud to take orders and report results.

Test Scheduling

Cloud driven highly customizable schedule built by ATS’ statisticians to manage testing across the entire national stamper test network.

National Test Network

ATS’ national stamper test network has been deployed since 2013 and has test servers near each of the FCC’s designated IXP locations.

Fully Managed Dashboard

Access a User Interface with real time test tracking that allows you to stay on top of your performance and download results already pre-formatted to comply with USAC’s requirements.

  • Usage Summaries
  • Performance Insights
  • Scheduled Tests
  • Test Results
  • Task Log

Read about FCC testing requirements here.

Contact Us To Get Started

For every service provider – the goal of Performance Measure Testing isn’t just about complying with FCC regulations, but to give underserved rural communities equal opportunity. We look forward to continuing to work with providers to deploy our stampers to more locations across the country. Learn how we take a partnership approach with every one of our customers – no matter their size – to maximize the effectiveness of our performance testing. Get in touch with us today.

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