Can You Run 1 Million Test
Calls In Under 2 Minutes?


SimCall Can!


SimCall is a call simulation system designed to test the routing, charging and recording of calls placed through your switched service network. The purpose of performing these call simulations is to identify possible translation errors within a switch. The translation errors flagged by SimCall during a simulation enables a company to perform easy follow-up investigation and resolution without using dial tones or generating telephone bills. The result is an increase in billing accuracy, potentially saving millions of dollars annually in lost revenue.

SimCall allows the user to tailor tests by defining the parameters of a test scenario. Millions of calls may be simulated in a test. Test processing, including report generation can be simulated and validated in a matter of minutes. The user can easily vary the depth of this testing process by choosing from SimCall’s impressive array of predefined testing options.

SimCall can test calls destined for anywhere in the world that can be made by any class of service for which the user has a defined corporate network routing, charging and recording pattern. These defined patterns are stored by SimCall from snapshot file downloads interfaced to the product. The software is available as a licensed product, or ATS can perform the testing and reporting under a service bureau arrangement.

Increased Revenue

In the thousands of switches tested, SimCall has never failed to uncover lost revenue that can reach into the millions of dollars.

Increased Customer Satisfaction

By confidently providing your customers with accurate and reliable billing, you reduce customer service issues and increase customer loyalty.

Complete Coverage

Unlike some switch manufacturer diagnostic capabilities, SimCall provides routing and charging (including AMA verification) validation for any type of call. A switch manufacturer’s diagnostic tools can only be done one at time, compared with SimCall that can check the entire switch for translations errors within minutes (30,000-50,000 calls per second).

Facilitates Code Splits & Overlays

By automating translations integrity checks, SimCall lets you move beyond the pain of Code Splits & Overlays. Customers get a trouble-free translation while you protect the company’s valuable revenue stream.

Identify Mis-Assigned Lines

A mis-assigned line is an access line physically located within a certain exchange, but with a NXX assigned to another exchange. This problem leads to customers not being charged for toll calls when they should and vice versa.

SCORVA Routing Optimization

SCORVA can optimize an entire network within minutes by using its powerful routing validation and best-path modules. SCORVA works by scanning the entire network, then selects the optimal path that will allow traffic to flow as quickly and as cheaply as possible. This optimized routing has shown the ability to reduce significant cost for communications providers.

How Many Calls Will SimCall Simulate In 30 Seconds?

What is Call Simulation?

Call simulation is a methodology that simulates the switch routing, charging and recording logic of a phone call through the translation tables of a CO switch. This technique permits off-line testing by imitating the logic of the switch and applying it to a captured image of the translation tables. Since simulated calls are not placed on the network, large volumes of calls are tested rapidly and inexpensively, without burdening the switch or CO facilities. Simulated dialing allows for almost immediate availability of results. Another key factor is coverage. Under this approach, 100 percent of the switch translations are validated. Not only does simulated testing identify problems with working or active codes (i.e. NPA, NXX or line class codes), but it also identifies potential issues for codes that may be vacant or inactive. Another advantage is that simulation testing can be used pro actively, before a switch goes “live.” Call simulation software can also be useful as a training tool for switch translators.