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ATS Partners Program

The ATS Partners Program establishes and maintains joint partnerships with only the finest technology vendors and software providers from around the globe.  Our strategic partners support our efforts to provide superior products and solutions to our customers.  ATS, together with its partners, offer unparalleled solutions to the telecom industry in revenue assurance, cost management, fraud management, network data integrity, translation validation, and interconnect settlement.

Telecom Data Providers


CCMI provides telecom data, information and applications including the QTEL 9000 database. CCMI offers industry-standard telecom databases, a comprehensive online repository of rate and tariff documents and network design and pricing tools.


Telcordia Technologies, Inc. is a leading global provider of telecommunications network software and services for IP, wireline wireless, and cable. Telcordia products include the Telcordia Terminating Point Master Data Source (TPM) and a wide range of other products and services related to Planning & Engineering, Fulfillment, Service Delivery & Charging and Service Assurance.Solution Partners