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In June 2006, the FCC adopted an order stating that VoIP providers will now have to contribute to the Universal Service Fund (USF). Due to the nature of the service, the FCC believes that the majority of calls made are interstate/international and has therefore assigned a safe harbor contribution rate of 64.9%. This FCC decision means that VoIP providers will now have to contribute potentially millions of dollars of their revenue to the USF. The providers will have to make the decision to pay the increase themselves, pass the increase to their customers, or take a closer look at their actual percentage of interstate usage. By performing a PIU analysis, the provider may be able to find that their actual PIU is much lower than the safe harbor percentage given by the FCC. These findings could greatly reduce the amount of money that the provider has to contribute to the USF.

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How Can I Reduce My USF Contribution?

When filing your quarterly FCC USF form, you have the opportunity to declare an actual PIU rather than relying on the ‘Safe Harbor’ percentage. In order to do so, you need to show that a statistical analysis was completed that complies with FCC requirements. ATS has extensive knowledge in this process and can provide you with a PIU analysis along with required documentation in time for your next quarterly filing. We recently completed a PIU analysis for a VoIP provider and found that their actual PIU is only 27.7%.

“As a small, growing company with revenues that would have lead us to lose our de minimus status with the Safe Harbor rate, we quickly decided to do a traffic study before filing our 499-A. Our decision to work with Advanced Technologies and Services has proven to be a great one! Their sophisticated data analytics software, combined with in-depth industry knowledge, created a professional traffic study report that we submitted to USAC (which validated that we were still de minimus). Equally as important in our book, ATS scored very high in the customer service department—responsive, patient, informative, and collaborative. We will be contacting Ryan again to help us with our next traffic study.”

Chuck Daniels

CEO, D3 Unified Communications

Try the calculator below to see just how much you can reduce your USF contributions with ATS’ traffic study analysis.

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