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Advanced Technologies & Services, Inc. (ATS) is the world leader for telecommunications and cable data analytics, network integrity, and revenue assurance. ATS offers a wide range of solutions through web based software applications and consulting services. ATS was incorporated in 1995 and is headquartered in Wyckoff, New Jersey with regional offices in Tennessee, Arizona, North Carolina, and Massachusetts. Since its inception, ATS has worked with dozens of North American telecom and cable companies ranging from the largest Tier 1 companies to leading cable providers, to some of the smaller CLECs.

The ATS professional team has over 150+ years of combined experience in the telecommunications industry and has extensive expertise in assisting companies in the areas of billing, switch translations, service assurance, regulatory compliance, and network integrity. ATS is a unique company in the Revenue Assurance industry in that it offers customers both tailor made software solutions and industry rich, highly experienced consulting services to assist telecommunications companies.

The company began operations in Network Service and Revenue Assurance with its flagship product SimCall. The company’s SimCall tool is widely accepted as the standard for the comprehensive switch audits.  Used by most of the large companies in the United States and the Caribbean, SimCall has recovered hundreds of millions of dollars for ATS clients by quickly analyzing the translations in class 5 switches.

ATS’ big data analytics suite, Event Management Center, has been deployed at both large and small service providers across North America to store and analyze volumes of data that in the past would be nearly impossible to manage.  By combining the company’s industry knowledge and expertise with cutting edge big data technologies, ATS is delivering powerful and actionable information to service providers of all sizes.  The Event Management Center provides near real time information to various departments within a service provider with modules such as a KPI dashboard with alarming capabilities, subpoena compliance, marketing support, margin analysis, operations support, among others.