Technical Broadband Audit & Regulatory Compliance

Audits can be a useful way to evaluate an ISP’s network to better understand the actual broadband speeds their customers are receiving. Stakeholders may utilize different approaches to audits, including independent third-party testing, customer surveys, and data analytics in order to get a more precise understanding of the provided speeds in a service area. With increasing demands for accountability from ISPs, there are several applications in which ATS can contribute to providing a more accurate and comprehensive view of a broadband servicable area.

Broadband Nutrition Labels

Verify the accuracy of a service area’s advertised speeds versus actual speeds by backing up your claims with real-world performance data.

Speed and Latency for Disputes

Resolve local disputes about broadband speeds to reduce inaccuracies and prevent areas from missing out on grant allocations.

Anchor Institution Speeds

Assess internet speeds of key community facilities such as Schools, Libraries, and Hospitals, to ensure they receive high-quality broadband.

Anchor Instutition Speed Audit

Communities should bring forward large numbers of speed tests to help address concerns about the accuracy of service provider-reported availability data. This will ensure that the lowest amount of Community Anchor Institutions (CAIs) will miss out on essential funding. 

ATS can conduct studies that collect speed and latency data using our Stamper Boxes to provide evidence that CAIs are underserved and eligible for funding. This method provides a convenient and dependable means to obtain 100% accurate data on the CAIs present within a county or service area.

CAI Audit Map

Defensible Data

ATS has 25-plus years in the telecommunications industry with expertise in technical regulatory solutions. We have submitted dozens of analyses to the USAC and FCC that have provided accurate, and unbiased evaluations of ISPs’ network performance, presented in both comprehensive and easy-to-understand language. We ensure that our results are statistically significant and defensible to be utilized for multiple purposes, whether it is an internal audit for a comprehensive understanding of a network, or for legal proceedings.

Neutral Speed Tests

As an independent third-party vendor, our role is to conduct speed tests that are free from influence or bias that could impact the accuracy of the results. We do not have any vested interest in the performance of the ISP or any other party involved and guarantee an unbiased assessment of the internet speeds being provided.

Proven Methodology

Our speed testing methodology has been used by ISPs across the United States to stay compliant with FCC’s Performance Testing Program. We take into account various factors that could affect the results to provide a precise measurement of the internet speed being delivered by the ISP.


We Are Technical Regulatory Experts

ATS has accumulated years of experience in managing technical aspects of telecommunications regulations and are experts in this field. Our most sought-after services include CAF Performance Testing and Universal Service Fund Traffic Studies. We understand that regulatory issues can be complex and challenging, but our team is equipped to handle any technical need related to regulatory matters. If you encounter any obstacles or require assistance with a regulatory issue, please do not hesitate to contact us. Our team will work with you to devise a suitable solution that meets your specific requirements.

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ATS has 25 years of experience in analytics for communications providers ranging from the biggest ILECs in North and South America, to dozens of smaller ISPs in Rural America that are helping to bridge the digital divide. We are constantly leading the charge in new innovation that can help both large and small companies leverage their data to give their customers the best possible experience. Get in touch with us today for a demo to learn more about how our testing services can benefit you.

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