Event Storage & Analytics Platform Whitepaper Learn about how ESAP allows providers to leverage communication data to gain increased efficiency, competitive advantages, lowered operating costs, and more.

Using Speed Data To Challange State Maps Broadband maps have long suffered from the issue of inaccuracies. With the Broadband Equity Access & Deployment (BEAD) funds on the horizon, learn how eligible entities can keep broadband maps accountable in the next critical phase of funding.

Universal Service Fund Fees – Why You’re Overpaying – The Universal Service Fund (USF) has been a topic of concern in the telecommunications industry, and rightly so. Learn why voice providers are overpaying each quarter and how they can reduce their USF burden.

Case Studies


Usage Meter Accuracy Analysis – When a service provider makes the transition from ‘all you can eat’ to usage based billing, the question that inevitably arises is: How do I know if my usage meter is accurate?  ATS’ SUMA (Stamper Usage Measurement Accuracy) certification program answers that question and helps pinpoint reasons why the answer might be ‘No’.

Churn Prediction using Social Network Analytics – ATS has developed a powerful predictive analytics package that can be used for everything from creating target lists of customers for a marketing campaign to identifying those customers at a increased risk of churning.  This case study examines the churn prediction module using social network analytics.

Event Storage & Analytics Platform (ESAP) – This case study examines a 1 year analysis completed with ATS’ Event Storage & Analytics Platform at a North American carrier.

Vertical Features Audit – Countless service requests to add or remove vertical features from a customer’s telephone service are received every day.  Are all of the requests you receive being billed correctly?

Universal Service Fund for Wireless Carriers – Are you paying too much into the USF?  Find out how ATS can reduce your contributions.

Universal Service Fund for VoIP Providers – The FCC decided that VoIP Providers should contribute at Safe Harbor rate of 64.9%.  Do you think that’s too high?

Product Brochures


SimCall – SimCall is a call simulation system designed to test the routing, charging and recording of calls placed through your switched services network.

AMADEUS – AMADEUS allows telephone companies to organize, filter, and analyze Call Detail Records (CDRs) at a speed and a price that is unmatched in the Telecom OSS and Revenue Assurance Industry.

Data Retention and Analytics Big Data Retention and Analytics is undoubtedly a hot topic in the industry right now.  ATS’ data retention solution combines the speed and scalability of distributed parallel processing with powerful custom software to deliver a solution that is unmatched in the telecom/cable industry.

ISP Revenue Stream Assurance – As more and more internet providers make the transition to usage based billing it’s necessary to take a detailed look at the entire revenue stream to ensure there are no gaps that can cause inaccurate usage meters leading to over-billing, under-billing, and potentially unhappy customers at higher risk of churning.