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Usage Meter Accuracy Analysis

As an internet service provider, whether you currently offer usage based billing or are considering it in the near future, the accuracy of your customer’s usage meter is vital to customer satisfaction as well as revenue.

The usage meter portal is the primary informational tool consumers have to monitor household bandwidth consumption.  As the number of devices within a home multiply, it becomes increasingly more difficult for consumers to estimate their consumption without the assistance of a usage meter.  An inaccurate meter can be misleading and ultimately erodes the validity of a usage based action by the provider as well as damage the relationship with the subscriber.

usage meter sample

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Many large and small service providers in North America have turned to ATS to perform a usage meter accuracy analysis to certify that all usage is captured and measured accurately.

How It Works

  1. Test Package Design – ATS’ statistical team designs a testing package based on the types of billing arrangements and amount of time to test.
  2. Usage Generation – Mini computers with custom software are placed in your network and assigned an account.  These computers carry out the test package and download files of varying size/location at specific times throughout the day.
  3. Data Tracking & Validation – Usage feeds from various points in the data stream are sent to ATS for analysis to validate that all usage generated is captured and flowing downstream accurately.
  4. Reporting – ATS provides a report detailing the complete testing methodology and results.  The statistician overseeing the project will include a section in the report as well.
  5. Correction – ATS will assist in the root cause analysis and correction of any issues identified during the project.
usage meter analysis flow


Usage Meter Accuracy Certification – ATS’ SUMA Certification provides an impartial and independent validation that your usage meter and billing is accurate.

Industry Standard – The SUMA Certification service is quickly becoming an industry standard across North America as ISPs strive to achieve the stringent accuracy requirements defined in the certification.

Increase Revenue – ATS often finds that a usage meter is actually under reporting usage due to a systemic error.  Our team can help to investigate and correct these errors which ultimately leads to an increase in revenue.

Improve Customer Confidence – In today’s competitive landscape, it’s more important than ever to instill confidence in your customers.  An independent validation of your usage meter will increase confidence and loyalty.

The illustration on the right shows the deviation over time of the usage generated by ATS and the usage measured by the ISP’s collection systems. In this example, the ISP measurement was 10% less than ATS’ measurement, indicating a loss of revenue due to under billing.

usage meter analysis sample output