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With over 25 years of experience, we specialize in delivering cutting-edge communications data analytics and regulatory solutions to clients ranging from large and small telecom carriers, internet service providers, municipalities, and government entities.

Unlock the Full Potential of Your Data

ATS strives to build a relationship with every communications provider that we’ve been fortunate enough to work with. Our market leadership in telecom technology solutions is a culmination of our years of experience in the industry, along with our ability to provide insights from extensive communication and broadband datasets to deliver practical solutions to empower our partners. As a globally recognized data solutions provider, we are committed to delivering seamlessly integrated telecom software solutions that are cost-effective and purposefully designed to keep our partners ahead in a rapidly evolving industry.

# of CDRs Processed Today in the Event Management Center


% of Class 5 Switches in North America Tested with SimCall

# of Stamper Boxes in the National Stamper Test Network

Discover The Event Storage & Analytics Platform (ESAP)

As a solutions provider collaborating with telecom providers to enhance network optimization and operational efficiency, ATS’ cloud-based, SaaS Call Detail Record (CDR) analytics software is easily integrated into internal processes.

There’s No Telecom Problem We Can’t Solve

Whether you’re in the network operations, billing, or regulatory department, we understand the complexities of telecom data firsthand. That’s where we step in. Our partners frequently turn to us for assistance with technical issues related to data, network operations, or process automation. Serving as a comprehensive resource for telecom challenges and solutions, we provide our expertise and problem-solving capabilities to address the common (or uncommon) issues confronted by communication providers. Discover some of our leading solutions below:


USF Traffic Studies

Easy report on VoIP or Wireless call traffic to lower costs and optimize federal USF fees.

High-Cost Performance Testing

ATS ‘Stamper’ devices assist providers engaged in FCC Performance Measures Testing.

Event Storage & Analytics Platform

ESAP gives carriers insight into Traffic Analytics, Fraud and Outage Detection, Subpoena Requests, & more.


Intelligent Process Automation makes manual-heavy tasks more efficient and reliable.

We Take Pride in Long-Term Client Relationships

Our mission is to cultivate long-lasting partnerships, enabling clients to collaborate with professionals to deliver innovative and expert solutions. We strive to seamlessly integrate as a member of your team, serving as a resource for all technical-related needs.


“With the use of SimCall Lite, we have enjoyed a significant reduction in our calls to our repair center, have improved our customer experience and protect our revenues”

Sylvia Henry

Revenue Assurance Manager, Bell Canada

“Our decision to work with ATS has proven to be a great one with their sophisticated data analytics software, combined with in-depth industry knowledge. Equally as important in our book, ATS scored very high in the customer service department—responsive, patient, informative, and collaborative.”

Chuck Daniels

CEO, D3 Unified Communications

How Phone.com Cut Their USF Fees in Half With A Traffic Study

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“We were aware that our customer traffic mix was likely well below the safe harbor percentage, but needed assistance in collating and analyzing the data.  ATS professionally interacted with our teams at every level to obtain and assess all of the substantial amount of call traffic information across our entire customer base to achieve this and provide a completed traffic study in the required format for submission to USAC.  We were particularly impressed with their responsiveness at all times and their completion of the entire assignment within both agreed time and cost parameters.”


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As the disbursement of Broadband Expansion and Deployment (BEAD) funds to states is underway, eligible entities are actively formulating plans to secure resources to promote digital equity.

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With the world adjusting back to normalcy post-pandemic, 2022 was another booming; and some would say a hectic year for the telecom industry.

What's Next for the Universal Service Fund?

The wheels are turning on USF reform, and recently the FCC took small steps forward by asking Congress for authority to expand the contribution pool. 

Leave It to the Professionals

As a solution provider, Advanced Technologies & Services excels in developing robust data analytics frameworks, scalable infrastructure, and advanced algorithms for CDR insights. Our comprehensive solution covers the entire data lifecycle, from collection and cleansing to storage and analysis. Through our strategic partnership, unlock the hidden value in your CDRs, gain a competitive advantage, and thrive in the dynamic telecom industry.

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