Voice Data Event Storage & Analytics Platform (ESAP)®


In the world of telecommunications, it is essential to move from merely collecting data to understanding it.


Accelerate Telecom Data Operations With a Single, Unified Platform.

Whether you need help with multiple data inputs, anomaly detection, traffic analytics, or a combination of them, the Event Storage & Analytics Platform (ESAP®) allows you to manage it all in one place. ESAP® is an innovative data warehousing platform that embraces a modern approach to collect and manage network data, allowing communication providers to streamline daily data operations through artificial intelligence (AI) and analytics. Our solution is designed to act as an extension of your team, helping you visualize, simplify, and optimize your entire voice data catalog with modern data-driven insights.




Get Alerted in Real-Time for Anomalies That Could Affect Your Service

Stay well-informed about your service metrics and swiftly diagnose any issues by leveraging our comprehensive network alerting system. Once an anomaly is detected, the system creates a corresponding case and alerts the provider. The provider can then take necessary actions and add relevant notes to ensure comprehensive case management. Some areas we monitor include;



Fraud Identification

Call and billing records can effectively spot fraud through irregularities in usage patterns. Detecting such anomalies quickly allows providers to combat fraud and resolve issues before they have a major impact.



Dropped Calls

Receive real-time alerts for recurring instances of dropped calls. This helps identify areas for improvement allowing providers to take corrective measures to improve the quality of their voice services.



Outage Detection

Get alerted when the network is experiencing degradation in performance or infrastructure is not functioning properly. This mechanism isolates issues allowing you to take action to restore service functionality.


Simplify Subpoena Requests


ESAP allows carriers to efficiently configure a data retention policy and govern what records to store, and how long they want to store them. All while maintaining the privacy and security of their customers’ data while providing law enforcement agencies with the precise information needed for investigative and legal purposes.

Forecast Trends to Predict Scalability with Traffic Analytics

Call records possess a treasure trove of valuable information. Machine Learning (ML) techniques can unlock profound insights into usage patterns and customer behaviors. These analyses play a pivotal role for service providers, enabling them to forecast future demands, optimize resources, evaluate network providers, identify bottlenecks, uncover expansion opportunities, and much more. Within ESAP, we provide a range of comprehensive analyses. Some of these include:



Trunk Analysis

Gain a comprehensive understanding of trunk line utilization to guarantee efficient and reliable services.



Location Analysis

Extract insights and patterns related to geographic locations by analyzing data from mobile phone networks.



Carrier Analysis

Gain invaluable insights across networks by monitoring your traffic as it traverses other carriers’ networks.



Traffic Forecasting

Make informed decisions based on metrics from growth trends, and the expected utilization of network resources.

Risk Reduction, Compliance, and Security

As regulatory requirements expand, carriers are being held responsible for storing more data for longer periods. Managing these vast volumes internally poses challenges in terms of manpower and IT costs. ESAP acts as a secure and centralized data warehouse, utilizing trusted storage solutions like Amazon Web Services and Google Cloud to provide a reliable repository for voice data.


Leave It to the Professionals

As a solution provider, Advanced Technologies & Services excels in developing robust data analytics frameworks, scalable infrastructure, and advanced algorithms for CDR insights. Our comprehensive solution covers the entire data lifecycle, from collection and cleansing to storage and analysis. Through our strategic partnership, unlock the hidden value in your CDRs, gain a competitive advantage, and thrive in the dynamic telecom industry.

To learn more about our Event Storage & Analytics Platform (ESAP), please get in touch with us today.

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