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Rural Call Completion Reporting

In November 2013, the FCC released its Rural Call Completion Report and Order adopting rules to address problems with the completion of long distance calls to rural end user customers. The new data retention and reporting requirements that go along with this order will undoubtedly be a significant burden on most, if not all, covered providers.

Covered providers must record, analyze and report on all long distance calls on a quarterly basis and retain that data for a period of six months. This large volume of call records must be reported on separately for each rural OCN, as defined by NECA. The order also presents other challenges by requiring the cause of uncompleted calls to rural carriers to be reported.  However, the cause codes for uncompleted calls are not included in industry standard CDR formats, adding yet another degree of difficulty to the reporting.

Take a look at ATS’ VP Regulatory Services, Ken Babcock, with his take on the order and its implications in this Chalk Talk Video.

Watch the recording from the ATS/CCMI joint Webinar.

Unsure if you’re a “covered provider” or what the reporting requirements are?

You are a “Covered Provider” if you…

  • Provide long distance voice service and make the initial long distance call path choice
  • Serve more than 100,000 domestic lines including residential and business

What Data is Required?

  • All data must be retained for a period of 6 months
  • ALL domestic long distance call attempts to ALL carriers (not just rural carriers)
  • Filter out toll-free traffic
  • Data records must contain, at a minimum:
    • Calling Party Number
    • Called Party Number
    • Date & Time
    • Intermediate Provider Indicator
    • Rural OCN# associated with the Called Party Number
    • Jurisdiction (Inter/Intrastate)
    • Indication whether the call attempt was answered (Cause Code)
    • Indication whether the call attempt was answered but received a Busy, Ring No Answer, or Unassigned Number (Cause Code)