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Unleash the full potential of your data through the power of analytics.

Big Data For Small Providers

Competition is stiff and important business decisions are happening at an ever increasing pace.  The question is, do you have the data available to make those decisions based on fact rather than speculation?

ATS’ Event Storage & Analytics Platform (ESAP) is used by wireline, wireless, and VoIP carriers to turn Big Data into Big Value.  ESAP is comprised of modules layered on top of a powerful cloud based data engine.  The data engine is capable of accepting all forms of data including CDRs, SMS, Billing Data, among others.  All data is processed and stored in a structure that allows for fast querying from an individual user as well as the ESAP modules.

Analytics Suite

ESAP offers a selection of predefined modules crafted and fine tuned for carriers of all type and size. Modules can be added to ESAP individually or bundled and are updated regularly with improvements.  A custom module can be developed as well based on specific requirements.

KPI Dashboard and Alarming

Monitor your data in near real-time to identify anomalies, validate KPIs and analyze performance metrics. Preset alarm conditions will trigger an alert via email or push notification.

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Operations Support

Monitor the network to identify areas for improvement, and get a high level view of your network to improve issues like dropped calls, poor connections, slow speeds, etc.

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Fraud Detection

Analysis of billing records is key to minimizing revenue and service risk exposure. By using standard deviation analysis on various triggers, we can spot anomalies down to the individual CDR.

Fast Query Access

Provides users with fast access to data through preset field filters or write your own SQL queries for power users. Crunch through large volumes of data with results delivered in seconds, not hours.

Subpoena Support

Are subpoena requests increasingly difficult and costly to fulfill? The querying of historical data can be challenging for many carriers. ATS’ subpoena support system makes it fast and easy.

Marketing Support

As mobile penetration has increased over the years, the focus of marketing at many carriers has shifted from customer acquisition to customer retention. Studies have found that it is much more cost efficient to retain an existing customer than to acquire a new one. Therefore, in order to maintain profitability, carriers must identify ways to control customer churn and increase ARPU with the existing customer base. ESAP uses your data to help ‘right size’ customer plans based on their usage which can directly help with:

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Easily identify and target data ‘hogs’ that consistently go over their limits. These customers are prime candidates for up-selling with plans that better fit their data consumption.


Churn Prevention

ESAP uses predictive analytics to pinpoint customers that are at in increased chance of churning. This gives the CSP a chance to negotiate better terms with them before they do.


Data Retention

ESAP archives CDRs and converts them into a structured text format that is optimally stored and easily searchable. Archived CDRs are highly compressed for cost-effective retention of large amounts of data. The solution accommodates any CDR structure including landline, wireless, and VoIP. With this solution, archived CDRs can be searched and analyzed from a powerful web GUI as well as fed into business intelligence tools.

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  • Regulatory Compliance – Archive 5 years (or more) of CDRs to maintain regulatory compliance
  • Cost Savings – Reduce costs of data storage, archive, growth, and administration
  • Store Once, Use Many – Once data is stored and processed once, the potential uses of the data becomes endless
  • Scalable – Easily expandable to meet increasing volume and performance demands

KTA-TTA Conference Presentation – Big Data Analytics for Rural ILECs

ATS’ COO Peter Mueller was asked to present at the KTA-TTA Fall Conference on the topic of Big Data Analytics for Rural ILECs.  Peter covers topics ranging from how to get started with cloud storage to how carriers can user their data to increase revenue and improve service levels.

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High-Level Overview

ESAP is powered by your data in the form of CDRs, IPDRs, DPI, billing & ordering data, provisioning, etc. Once data is processed, it’s used in a custom suite of modules to give you a complete understanding of your call records. A case management system is layered on top of all modules to easily share, update, and report on cases opened.

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USF Traffic Studies

As USF Contribution Factors reach an all time high, Traffic Studies are a proven way to lower USF Fees for both you and your customers. This CDR Analysis is simple and should be considered by every communications provider before their next 499.

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