Call Detail Record (CDR) Event Storage & Analytics Platform


ESAP® is an innovative data warehousing platform that embraces a modern approach to analytics, leveraging machine learning techniques.


Shift from just collecting call data to understanding it.

Streamline multiple data sources, pinpoint anomalies, and generate analytics reports with our Event Storage & Analytics Platform. By consolidating all your data management needs into a centralized hub, our solution empowers efficient operations, providing you with actionable insights to drive informed decision-making.


Stay ahead of potential disruptions with real-time anomaly alerts.

When an anomaly is detected, ESAP automatically generates a corresponding case and notifies your team. Take decisive action and maintain control with the ability to add notes for comprehensive case management. Areas under our vigilant monitoring include:



Fraud Identification

Quickly spot fraud in call and billing records by detecting irregular usage patterns. Combat issues quick to minimize their impact with our advanced detection system.



Dropped Calls

Get instant alerts for recurring dropped calls, pinpointing areas for improvement. Providers can swiftly take corrective action, enhancing the quality of voice services.



Outage Detection

Stay informed of network performance degradation and infrastructure issues in real-time. Quickly isolate problems and take action to restore service functionality.


Simplify lawful data requests


ESAP enables carriers to efficiently configure data retention policies, ensuring privacy and security while providing precise information to law enforcement agencies.

Real-time network insights you can trust

Our comprehensive Traffic Analytics solution provides you with the tools to analyze valuable call detail records (CDRs) and gain insights into usage patterns and customer behaviors. Some of our analyses include: 



Trunk Analysis

Enhance service optimization across various areas though trunk line utilization analysis. 



Location Analysis

Extract insights from mobile networks to identify coverage gaps and improve network planning.



Carrier Analysis

Gain an end-to-end view of your traffic across multiple carriers to identify better upstream routes. 



Traffic Forecasting

Make informed decisions based on growth trends and the expected utilization of network resources.

Enhanced data management for compliance and security

Carriers today face a growing burden of data retention mandates and complex compliance requirements. ESAP’s data warehouse, built on trusted platforms like AWS and Google Cloud, provides a reliable repository for call data ensuring compliance and security.


Leave It to the Professionals

As a solution provider, Advanced Technologies & Services excels in developing robust data analytics frameworks, scalable infrastructure, and advanced algorithms for CDR insights. Our comprehensive solution covers the entire data lifecycle, from collection and cleansing to storage and analysis. Through our strategic partnership, unlock the hidden value in your CDRs, gain a competitive advantage, and thrive in the dynamic telecom industry.

To learn more about our Event Storage & Analytics Platform (ESAP), please get in touch with us today.

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