Intelligent Process Automation

Automate manual processes for clean, reliable, and timely functions across network operations.

Streamline Legacy Processes with Modern Solutions

Telecom companies often face the challenge of inefficiencies in back-end repetitive, manual operations, leading to prolonged processing times and a consequential backlog of tasks.

Enter ATS’ Intelligent Process Automation, a transformative solution that reshapes team workflows.

Liberating your team from the monotony of manual tasks empowers them to redirect their focus towards high-priority assignments, effectively minimizing backlogs, and unlocking unprecedented levels of efficiency and productivity.



TIRKS Automation 

Despite being highly manual and posing challenges in finding experienced engineers, legacy systems such as Bell’s Trunk Integrated Record Keeping System (TIRKS), continue to play integral roles in telecom networks.

With TIRKS Automation, operators can smoothly transition to a more reliable era by automating tasks, reducing human errors, and improving system accuracy, preserving the foundational aspects of legacy systems while improving speed and dependability.

Have Confidence in Your Data

Automated assessments are conducted on data and model elements to ensure quality and validity. Robust checks are implemented to ensure that scheduled flows adhere to timeframes, and metrics consistently yield anticipated results.

This alleviates the burden of erroneous user input, and allows organizations to track the improvement in output from process automation. Teams can keep track of key results to optimize workflows while ensuring the reliability of automated systems.


Key Benefits of Workflow Automation

Enhance Productivity

By leveraging automation, team members can be freed up to work on higher-priority assignments, where their training and skills are better served.

Eliminate Human Errors

Automation ensures that every action is performed identically – resulting in high quality, reliable results and alleviating the need for process re-work.

Optimize Revenue

A backlog of issues ultimately leads to missed and unbillable revenue. Automating processes ensures faster target completion, minimizing delays and optimizing revenue generation.

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