Rural Call Completion

Are You A Covered Provider?

Are You Filing Correctly?

Rural Call Completion Webinar (Recording)

$975,000… $2,000,000… $5,000,000

That’s right, these six and seven figure amounts are just three examples of the financial hit carriers suffered to settle disputes about their call completion rates and call quality in rural areas all across the country.

Watch a power packed panel of speakers discuss:

  • Why the FCC has instituted a rigorous call detail collection and reporting process and why it won’t be going away anytime soon
  • Who is required to submit reports to the FCC and who is exempt
  • When you must submit reports to the FCC and how long should call records be retained
  • What are the precise data points to collect and in what format
  • How can switch vendors help you comply with CDR collection and where they fall short

Rural Call Completion: How to Avoid 7 Figure Hits to Your Bottom Line features FCC insider Andy Regitsky who will walk you through the meat of the FCC’s Order and reporting requirements and Ken Babcock of ATS who details the technical challenges, and hidden opportunities, behind this classic “big data” project.