Damage Prevention Services

How safe are your underground assets?

Utility Damage Prevention


Thousands of accidental damages to underground utility lines occur each year. Losses resulting from a single accidental strike of an underground utility line can range from as little as a few hundred dollars for cutting/repairing a small water line, to millions of dollars from hitting a natural gas line that could lead to an explosion, loss of life, and substantial damage to property.

All underground utilities are dug shallow enough to be impacted by negligent excavation including: 


What We Can Do

Our background in data science helps us understand these events and prevent them in the future.

We’ll help find non 811 calls.

It’s a common problem for homeowners to obtain a town construction permit to dig on their property, but then fail to contact local utility companies to mark out underground pipes. ATS can compare data using artificial intelligence to determine if someone has obtained a local government permit without contacting their local utility company.

Risk Scoring

Each time a person has to dig on their property, there’s always a risk of accidentally hitting an underground utility line. ATS uses a ranking system to determine the likelihood of an accident occurring with each ticket received by local utility companies.

Targeted Ad Campaigns

If someone has a plan for a project that requires digging, there’s a good chance we can find them. With our highly targeted marketing campaign, ATS uses Artificial Intelligence to target those individuals to encourage them to call before they dig.


Old Problems, Modern Solutions

Old methods of Call-before-you-dig awareness campaigns have become ineffective, considering that the number of damages to utilities has been dramatically increasing each year. Artificial intelligence can unlock the full potential of utility data and create better damage prevention programs with modern solutions.


Target No Locate Requests

No Ticket Requests (Non-811 calls) continue to be the most common underlying cause for underground utility strikes. Although it might seem impossible to target these non-callers, through data analysis with artificial intelligence we can determine the likelihood and location that a no-ticket dig will occur. The same utility information can also be used to identify root causes, perform trend analysis, and help locate problem areas to reduce damages through targeted campaigns. 

Don’t wait until it’s too late.

If you’re not taking advantage of artificial intelligence, you’re not doing enough to protect your buried assets and the people around them. Contact us to come up with a customized solution to make your underground utilities safer.

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