Call Routing and Rating Validation

Vertical Features Audit

Code Opening Verification

Network Analytics

ATS’ network analytics tools have been used in dozens of carriers and thousands of switches throughout the United States, Canada, and Caribbean.  The combination of vast experience and world-class products such as SimCall and MTP give ATS the edge over any other revenue assurance provider in the world.

Telecommunications carriers do not generate or bill for all the revenue that can be earned on their networks. This is due primarily to translations anomalies in the switch and through faulty billing systems. ATS has shown that even if a carrier’s network is operating and billing at 99% efficiency, it may still be losing millions of dollars in revenue each year.

Due to this industry problem, ATS developed its Network Integrity Model. By understanding and developing solutions that carefully analyze, define, test, and automate the routing and charging of telecommunications traffic, ATS has built a system that will guarantee all calls placed on your network will result in maximum profitability. Through this unprecedented integration of technology and consulting solutions, ATS eliminates revenue leakage rapidly and cost-effectively.

In the thousands of switches tested, ATS has never failed to find revenue and service affecting errors!