The IP traffic boom is in full swing and if forecasts are accurate global IP traffic will increase nearly threefold over the next 5 years!  The number of devices connecting to IP networks and the volume of content available to download is increasing every day.  The big question is, are you prepared to handle the challenges (and reap the benefits) that the data boom is bringing?

Given the technical and business challenges in the new broadband environment, revenue leakage is almost guaranteed. Providers can expect an increase in incomplete transaction capture, rating and billing disagreements, and misguided (or unguided) usage.

ATS’ broadband solutions ensure end to end revenue stream coverage for your internet services.  Our approach begins at the network level and moves downstream from usage collection and measurement all the way to billing accuracy.  If you currently offer usage based billing options or will be in the future, ATS’ solutions will ensure you are billing the right customer for the right amount every time.

broadband revenue stream assurance