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AMADEUS is a tool for extracting statistics from AMA data files. The web based, real time software application filters AMA data into subsets based on user-defined call characteristics. The software gives the user the capability to drill down and examine a single call detail record or if the user defines, multiple records. AMADEUS is also capable of extracting delta statistics based on comparisons of two data sets. This enables translators to check AMA before and after corrections have been made to a particular switch. This process will allow for verification of billing accuracy, which is crucial in today’s competitive telecommunications market. Also, AMADEUS interactively produces reports, which can be exported to Microsoft Excel and Access.  ATS has identified specific “soft spots” in the flow of CDRs from the switch-to-bill process. These “soft spots” are analyzed and studied for revenue leakage using various reports, processes, and expertise.

  • Handles over 200 structurally different record types (Structure Codes)
  • Compares before and after “snapshots” of AMA data
  • GUI Allows “drill-down” access detail of single call records
  • Allows filtering on any AMA field, mechanizing applied modules
  • Requires minimal set-up time Increases customer satisfaction
  • Resolves inter-carrier billing disputes