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The AMADEUS Reciprocal Compensation reports will allow your company to verify how much local traffic each of the other carriers is terminating on your company’s network; and how much of its own local traffic is terminating on each of the other carriers’ networks. These reports will provide users with summaries of calls and associated minutes of use by day and time period within a day (day, evening night/weekend); and by originating or terminating end office and rate center that originate from, or terminate to, specific connecting providers of local traffic. Further details by Trunk Group Number carrying the traffic as well as call type code are also available in this group of reports. Further, these reports can also be used by ATS to produce actual reciprocal compensation bills that we can send to your trading partners on your behalf.


  • Includes high-level reports that provide easy trending and unsurpassed ‘drill down’ capability into individual call records for troubleshooting and other purposes.
  • View data by such categories as:
    • Trunk group
    • Carrier identification codes (CICs)
    • Operating company numbers (OCNs)
  • Serves wireless carriers as well as markets, such as California and Illinois, which utilize ‘mileage bands’ for rating calls as local or toll, as opposed to the more traditional V&H coordinates of rate centers. Can be applied to meet-point billing as well.
  • Realizes significant additional revenue by segregating local from toll traffic, billing for the higher toll rate and having the data to back it up – something not all carriers do, but which you can do with AMADEUS.
  • AMADEUS helps you optimize capital investment return, maximize network performance and enforce interconnection agreements, and access rules and tariffs, thereby maximizing revenues and profits, and improving quality of service.