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Margin Analysis

While the majority of carriers are shifting to flat rate unlimited voice and text plans for customers, the costs to terminate the calls to other networks, especially international networks, continues to fluctuate and often increase.  On top of this, competition between carriers continues to be fierce and revenue per subscriber is drifting downwards.  In order to remain profitable and competitive, every carrier needs to have a margin analysis tool in place that monitors the data on a daily basis.

ATS’ margin analysis will help you answer questions such as:


  • Where are my most and least profitable destinations?
  • Should I be renegotiating my rates to country ‘x’ due to the increase in calls I’m terminating there?
  • Am I actually losing money on calls to certain countries?
  • Am I charging my customer’s the correct rates?
  • Are there errors in my mediation tables causing incorrect rates to be applied to calls?
  • Are my rating tables up to date with the latest open codes?

This illustration is an example from a recent margin analysis completed for a Tier 1 North American Wireless Carrier.  As you can see in the graph, ATS identified 3 countries with a negative margin percentage.  In other words, the carrier was actually losing money when customers made calls to those 3 countries.

ATS also identified codes missing from the mediation tables causing the carrier to incur the cost to terminate the call, but never actually billing the customer for that call.

margin analysis