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Service providers generate hundreds of millions of call detail records on a daily basis including voice, SMS, and data. These records include vital information for the carrier as well as law enforcement agencies who are investigating crimes such as fraud, theft, terrorism, among others. The volume of these records continues to explode and the traditional approaches to data archiving such as tape, external drives, and even database storage will not be sufficient to meet the scalability and retrieval expectations for regulatory and law enforcement authorities. As regulatory requirements for data retention and retrieval continue to expand, many carriers are now choosing to store data for up to 5 years. The manpower and IT costs associated with maintaining this level of data internally at a provider can be staggering.

In order to overcome this “Big Data” challenge, ATS has designed a new approach to data storage and retrieval that is fast, scalable, secure, and cost effective. ATS’ data retention solution combines the speed and scalability of distributed parallel processing with powerful custom software to deliver a solution that is unmatched in the telecom/cable industry. The solution’s “store once, use many” concept allows providers to be regulatory compliant while also supporting internal business needs such as KPI dashboards, business intelligence, interactive querying, etc.

ATS archives CDRs and converts them into a structured text format that is optimally stored and easily searchable. Archived CDRs are highly compressed for cost-effective retention of large amounts of data. The solution accommodates any CDR structure including landline, wireless, and VoIP. With this solution, archived CDRs can be searched and analyzed from a powerful web GUI as well as fed into business intelligence tools.

Key Features:


  • Regulatory Compliance – Archive 5 years (or more) of CDRs to maintain regulatory compliance.
  • Subpoena Support – Fast ad-hoc query access ensures compliance with law enforcement subpoena requests.
  • Scalable – Easily expandable to meet increasing volume and performance demands.
  • Cost Savings – Reduce costs of data storage, archive, growth, and administration.
  • Store Once, Use Many – Once data is stored and processed once, the potential uses of the data becomes endless.
  • High Speed Query Access – Fast querying of Terabytes of data through a Web GUI correlating across call record types.