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Analysis of billing records is a key driver to help minimize revenue and service risk exposure. Using standard deviation analysis on various triggers, ATS can spotlight anomalies from a total company level down to the individual call detail record. These anomalies may highlight everything from current/pending operational issues, significant changes in customer usage, to fraud.

Examples of reports that have proven helpful to communication providers:


  • Unanswered Calls – ATS software will look for large volumes of unanswered calls outside of standard parameters of customer usage; identifying discrepancy from NPA/NXX to working telephone number. Anomalies in unanswered calls could indicate data fraud, switch translation errors, or new customers introducing high volumes of calls that may impact operations.
  • Unusual Customer Usage by CIC Code – This analysis looks at radical shifts in customer’s use of inter-exchange carrier by carrier. The changes can be isolated to the working telephone number detail. Some of the issues this analysis can uncover are fraud being carried through a vulnerable IXC carrier, potential impacts on trunk usage or IXC operational problems (e.g. flood in office).
  • Usage on Originating NPA – Looking at NPA usage, ATS software will drill down to NXX and working telephone number to isolate potential fraud or operational impacts. Examples include new customers such as ISPs or telemarketers whose increase in usage could cause an “out of balance” condition in the switch.
  • Usage by Service Type – In this analysis, we’ll look for spikes in usage by ICX, local or intra-state calls. These could also create switch “out of balance” conditions.