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KPI Dashboard & Alarming

KPI Dashboard & Alarming

ATS’ Interactive Dashboard empowers users with instant access to key metrics for effective visual analyses.  Real-time data analytics provide users with actionable information at their finger tips 24/7.  Data views can be customized for all client levels from data analysts to CEO.

  • Near Real-Time data means the ability to take action quickly and effectively
  • Gap analysis for detection of missing data
  • Alarms notify personnel if a set KPI threshold has been exceeded
  • Online access available 24/7

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ATS uses an innovative and proprietary statistical analysis method to process and analyze data at a speed unmatched in the industry.  Within minutes of ATS receiving the data, users have the ability to examine the data in multiple ways.

  • File Transfer Successes/Failures
    • Ensure Receipt of All Expected Files
    • Examine File Size Compared to Expected
  • Volume Verification
    • Statistical Analysis of ‘Expected to Actual’ Volumes by Hour
  • Forecasting with Statistical Analysis
    • Management Level Forecast Reporting
    • Network Engineering
    • Marketing
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